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The world after the Code Geass series. Britannia and Japan are once again at odds and the Knightmare Frames return...
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Hello and Wellcome to our site. please have a nice stay and post often. If you have any questions please Pm or E-Mail one of the staff we are allways happy to help thoughs that need it. Narora, Zero, and Suzaku.

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 Questing for EXP

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Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Questing for EXP   Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:47 pm

If you are Questing for EXP then you must roll the dice... what ever comes out, whether it be a Mis man or a Mis woman, you must give them these stats:

IF you are LVL 1
Mis Man/WOman:
HP: 100
Geass: (thats up to you but if you do give it to them) 5/5
Geass effect: (ignor if you did not give them one)
ATK: (ATK, DEF, and Speed fallow the same rule for your Character.) 10-20

IF you are LVL 2:
Increass every thing by 10.

IF youa re LVL 3
INcreasss every thing by 20.

If you are LVL 4
increasss every thing by 30

If... ect.

ok? any questions??

Yo i'm Narora got a Question PM or E-Mail me.
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Questing for EXP
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